‘Vertical Pink Field (Tensioned Orchard)’ 2006, detail view.

Art Installation by Artist Wendy Hardie, 'Vertical Pink Field (Tensioned Orchard)' Durham, 2006.

‘Vertical Pink Field (Tensioned Orchard)’ 2006

‘Vertical Pink Field (Tensioned Orchard)’ 2006

Installation Art by Wendy Hardie, 'Vertical Pink Field (Tensioned Orchard)' Durham, 2006.

A site specific installation created within a small and intimate apple orchard.

15 Apple Trees, 365 no. Tensioned satin strips on a 5m grid connecting the major structural branches of the trees to the ground, articulating the energy generated between the fruit trees and the earth beneath them, manifest in the apples studding and weighing the canopies down, as well as, for those who stop and occupy this space, the sensed knowledge, the physical, cultural and pyschological energy that exists and pervades the air within this intense space.

All photos by the artist and copyright Wendy Hardie Artist.