Wendy Hardie Pop Up Installation Edinburgh International Film Festival night reporting

Pop Up – selected archive


‘Fruit Machine’

Wendy Hardie Pop Up Installation Edinburgh International Film Festival night reporting

Pop Up Installation for the Edinburgh International Film Festival  ‘Fruit Machine’.

Performative pop up with sequenced lighting, the units lighting in horizontal single, double and triple sequences.  The supporting colonnade, clad in translucent acrylic sheets, was internally lit to create a glowing, immersive entrance to the Film Festival’s main host building, The Filmhouse, in Edinburgh’s city centre. The bus stops and phone boxes in front of the building were lined with transparent red vinyl, spreading the film festival exuberance, guerilla style, out into the street.

2 weeks August 1995.

Wendy Hardie 'Fruit Machine' Edinburgh International Film Festival- Pop Up 1995 e

Wendy Hardie Pop Up ‘Fruit Machine’ Edinburgh International Film Festival



‘Cruciform 1947’

Wendy Hardie ‘Cruciform 1947’ Installation Edinburgh International Film Festival


Wendy Hardie ‘Cruciform 1947’ Installation Edinburgh International Film Festival

‘Cruciform 1947’ (Glass Tanks, Rubble, Dirt, Earth, Shattered glass + mirror, printed acetate).

Installation for Press Launch of 50th anniversary EIFF ’95. This work responded to the EIFF Retrospective’s chosen subject of 1947 and most specifically to the subject of ‘Rubble Film’ and ‘Film Noir’ and their film releases that year, the inaugural year of the Edinburgh Film Festival, the longest running film festival in the world. These films responded to the aftermath of WW2, the Rubble Films so named because they were quite literally shot within the rubble of bombed European cities, making no pretense whatsoever of a civilised and ordered world.  The Film Noir genre was consumed with the psychological fractured state of its characters, expressing this through the films’  narratives, set structure, lighting and cinematography.




CInema Paradiso.

Wendy Hardie 3 Day Pop Up CInema Edinburgh International Film Festival

‘Cinema Paradiso’ was a 3 night pop up cinema / son et lumiere event during the Edinburgh Festival in August 1995. It was created to celebrate 100 years of cinema and was sited on the Royal Mile within the neo- classical courtyard of the City Chambers. Restored versions of ‘Carmen’ (the original silent film of 1918 with colour tints) and ‘Black Narcissus’ (1947, Powell and Pressburger) were projected onto a centrally suspended, floating screen with a string quartet playing on top of the front colonnade and drinks served at white linen clad tables below. The side walls of the courtyard were projected with forest imagery and the colonnade arches were lit in magenta pink.  Visual footage of the event was lost, this image by the artist, a pre-cursor to the event remains. The idea for the event and the films themselves were curated by Mark Cousins, then Director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the choice of location and design of the event was by the artist and designer and the event was co-produced by Tracey Fearnehough and the artist and designer.